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Special Pricing Programs Enrollment

Thank you for choosing Proulx Oil & Propane as your energy provider. Please complete the enrollment form including the Service Plan options as listed below.

Our EZ Pay Plan is a monthly payment plan that spreads your fuel bill out over 12 months, effectively cutting your winter fuel bills in half! By allowing you to pay for your fuel over 12 months, EZ Pay makes your fuel costs more predictable and much easier to manage and it comes with the benefit of Price Protection!

Review our Special Pricing Programs

Capped Price PLUS Downside Protection with EZ Pay Plan
Capped Price PLUS Downside Protection
Fixed Price Only
Propane Heat Service Plan $21.59/month
A/C Service Plan $16.59/mo
Water Heater Service Plan $13.25/mo
Propane Heat & A/C Service Plan $30.67/mo
Propane Heat & A/C & Water Heater Service Plan $38.92/mo
Add Fireplace $4.09/mo
Add Cook Stove $4.09/mo
Add Dryer $4.09/mo
Oil Service Plan $24.92/mo

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