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Proulx Oil & Propane Invests in Service Technicians and Intern Program

Newmarket, NH; September 12, 2018 - Proulx Oil & Propane is looking towards the future and is committed to developing their service team which includes recruitment and retention of technically motivated students. "We are very happy with the development of two interns this summer and particularly with the skill sets that they are coming to us with. That is a testament to their individual talents as well as giving a nod to the training facilities that our educational institutions are investing dollars into. These training facilities like Manchester Community College are providing talented individuals to support the critical need of companies like Proulx," said Jim Proulx, President & CEO. "In order for Proulx to continue to grow, we must continue to support the development of technically minded individuals. Our support of these invaluable institutions and the skilled technical employees they are training bodes well for our company in the near future."

Multi-disciplinary program which includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electricity teach problem solving, inquiry and analysis skills and prepare students to become industry leaders. Upon satisfactory completion, the graduate is prepared to enter the field to design, install, service, maintain and troubleshoot residential and commercial HVAC systems. HVAC is in high demand. People and businesses depend on these systems and must keep them in good working order, regardless of economic conditions. As a result, HVAC is a recession-proof career.

Recently the company also provided additional training for two of their propane delivery drivers to complete Basic Theory and Piping Installation courses through Granite State Trade School in Raymond. By investing in the cross training of these employees, Proulx Oil & Propane is committed to the advancement of their staff and the continued improvement of the customer experience with Proulx.